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Campus Safety
Emergency & Safety Procedures

Campus Safety and Security Policy

It is the policy of Waldorf University to ensure a safe and stable educational, living and work environment by:

  • providing appropriate response in situations of need
  • educating students, faculty and staff on issues related to safety and security
  • ensuring students, faculty and staff understand their personal responsibilities
  • communicating relevant information in a timely manner to the appropriate constituencies
  • proactively addressing issues and concerns
  • balancing the need to provide adequate protection against procedures and/or actions that pose unnecessary or unreasonable restrictions

Waldorf encourages active partnerships between campus security and local/area law enforcement agencies to help ensure timely and appropriate responses to situations as needed.

Waldorf depends on students, faculty and staff to follow procedures and to take suggested precautions to lessen the likelihood of becoming a victim. Waldorf seeks to be proactive in security and safety issues, but even the best efforts can’t guarantee the prevention of all accidents, consequences of criminal/terrorist actions or natural disasters.

Waldorf University uses Fast Command to keep members of the Waldorf community informed during emergencies. View Waldorf's Fast Command page.