If you are instructed by the emergency floor coordinator to evacuate the building

  • Remain calm and turn off all equipment.
  • Do not take personal items with you.
  • Close doors behind you while exiting.
  • Listen to the Emergency Floor Coordinator for specific evacuation instructions.
  • Walk, do not run.
  • Do not go into the restrooms.
  • Do not use the elevators.
  • Assemble at the nearest stairwell and proceed to the ground floor.
  • At the ground floor, all persons should exit the building and go directly to the designated assembly areas.
  • Once you have arrived at the assembly area, check in with your EFC so they can account for you.
  • Assist your EFC by determining if all persons from your area have been located.
  • Planning for such emergencies includes acquainting yourself with evacuation routes and your EFC.

Emergency Floor Coordinators

  • Emergency floor coordinators (EFCs) will assist in the evacuation of all personnel. Be sure to know your EFC.
  • If an EFC asks you to assist them in the evacuation (i.e. guiding others, carrying disabled persons, etc.) please comply with their request.
  • It is imperative that you “check-in” with your EFC at the assembly area so that they can keep track of all occupants designated to their floor.

Fieldhouse: Primary Evacuation Assembly area

Atrium: Alternate Evacuation Assembly area

Emergency Dial: 9.911

Facilities Services Dial: #8173

After Hours Dial: 9-585-6801