Notification Procedure in Case of a Fire or Other Emergency:

  • Pick up the campus phone and dial 9.911
  • When talking to the emergency dispatcher remain calm and give them the following information:
    • Your name and phone number
    • Your exact location including building name, floor number and room number.
    • Type of emergency you are reporting (fire, injury, etc.)
    • Do not hang up until the dispatcher has all the information and hangs up first.

 Safe Driving:

  • Wear your seat belt at all times, driver or passenger.
  • Yield the right of way to any emergency vehicle.
  • Use caution near all pedestrians.
  • Complete the Van Driving Safety course prior to operating a 15-passenger van.
  • Report any vehicle maintenance or repair needs to Facilities Services at 8137 immediately.

Safety Practices:

  • Always practice good housekeeping procedures.
  • Recycle if possible.
  • Do not block doorways or prop open fire doors.
  • Keep aisles, hallways and stairs clear.
  • Keep areas around emergency equipment (hose reels, fire extinguishers, pull stations, etc.) clear of obstructions.
  • Do not allow someone to “tailgate” behind you when you enter a locked building or area.
  • From midnight to 6 am all security doors must be closed and locked in the residence halls.
  • Correct unsafe conditions when you are able to and/or report the condition to your supervisor and Facilities Services at #8173.
  • Develop and maintain safe work and/or study practices and encourage others to do the same.
  • Use proper personal protective equipment at all times.
  • Only smoke in designated areas.
  • Do not possess or use alcohol and/or drugs (unless prescribed by a physician) on Waldorf University property.