Waldorf University uses Fast Command to keep members of the Waldorf community informed during emergencies.

Waldorf University has integrated an emergency notification system for students, parents and employees. This system requires individuals to sign up and provide personal contact information through a web link on this Waldorf Webpage. The program is facilitated through a disaster alert company called FastCommand.

In the event of a major emergency, university shut down, or major violent incident on campus, the university will notify individuals immediately that have registered their emails and cell phone information. Notifications will come through text messages and emails and include updates or instructions involving a particular emergency. This system is notification only and is not designed to have an interactive or response form of communication.

The college encourages all students and employees to sign up for this free service. FASTCOMMAND is a very reputable company that provides emergency notification systems to high schools, colleges and hospitals across the country. FASTCOMMAND assures confidentiality with all information and a "no release of information" requirement as part of the contract to any third party.

Please click on the link below and follow the instructions on entering your contact information. You will receive messages should there be a campus emergency and several test messages throughout the year. If your contact information changes, you may update the information by going back to the Waldorf FastCommand site and re-entering your new contact information.