If you would like to start a new recognized club, group or student organization on campus, there are several easy steps to complete to be recognized and to received the benefits of an official recognized student organization at Waldorf.

Benefits of being a recognized student club, group or organization on campus include the following.

  • Permission to market and advertise events on campus
  • Permission to be recognized by the university in university handbooks, websites, emails, brochures, bulletin boards and other official university communications
  • Permission to reserve space, tables and rooms on campus for events and meetings for no charge
  • Permission to hang posters on campus, have campus wide emails sent and market your events on tv screens across campus
  • Permission to participate in Student Senate organization roundtable meetings, Homecoming parade, Warrior Cup competition, WinterFest competition and other sponsored events or contests for funding
  • Permission to request funding each semester from Student Senate
  • Permission to host fundraisers on campus to raise funds for your group
  • Permission to use approved college equipment for events such as stage set ups in Atrium, vehicles for travel and other related equipment as requested

Process to Become a Student Organization

  1. Complete this online form.
  2. Attend Student Senate Meeting to present your group. Contact Advisor Jason Ramaker to get on the agenda. Student Senate meets Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. in Breen Hall unless otherwise noted
  3. Student Senate will ask questions during presentation and have discussion. Senate will approve, deny or make additional recommendations or changes before approval.

Submit Organization Constitution

All student organizations need to submit a constitution including:

  • Any rules of the group
  • Membership requirements
  • How meetings will be run
  • Who will oversee leadership and meetings (group structure)
  • Purpose and goals of organization
  • How the organization will benefit Waldorf and the students involved in group
  • Typical events and activities of the organization