Students who believe in the importance of understanding how the past influences the present, or are fascinated by politics and the political process are invited to join the Waldorf University History co-curricular organization. All majors are welcome, and encouraged to get involved on and off campus. As an extension of the history and human sciences curriculum, this group offers opportunities for leadership and involvement in:

  • Students are provided with meaningful opportunities for significant historical research that allow for engagement with the broader field through presentation at history conferences. Students participate in the annual Waldorf History Student Symposium, and many go on to present at regional and national conferences.
  • Students are given platforms to showcase their passion for public history through exhibit construction, creation of interpretive narratives and hands-on archival work. Dynamic internship opportunities are high-priority, and students have had great success working in archives, interpretation and exhibit construction while participating in the program.
  • Students interested in pre-law and political science find opportunities to get involved in causes they are passionate about, network effectively in their field and develop the skills necessary to thrive in law school. Opportunities include meeting with politicians to discuss policy, providing internships with legal firms and a curriculum built with the real world applications of law and governance in mind.
  • ‚ÄčStudents working toward a career in education create meaningful connections both inside and outside of Waldorf to prepare educators for the unique challenges that come with teaching effectively at the K-12 level. Past students have worked to hone their skills through mentoring younger students participating in National History Day, gaining valuable presentation experience, and working on projects that provide exceptional depth of content knowledge.

Participants could also receive a scholarship through the Pillars Program.