Students interested in the field of Education are invited to join the Education Club. The Waldorf University Education Department’s mission is to prepare engaging teachers to serve a community of learners. While learning to teach, you will have the opportunity to learn more about yourself and how to lead a life of service as an educator. As you experience Waldorf University’s four pillars of Tradition, Community, Passion and Success, you will have the opportunity for leadership and active involvement by:

  • Joining the Waldorf Education Club and helping organize community service events, fundraising activities and field trips.
  • Working with student government and college administration on collaborative projects.
  • Participating in service programs in the area schools or community.
  • Becoming a peer mentor.
  • Conducting independent research, or assisting with Education faculty research.
  • Participating in job shadowing opportunities.
  • Attending professional education conferences or opportunities.
  • ​Developing your own special projects alongside a faculty mentor.

Participants could also receive a scholarship through the Pillars Program.