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Creative Writing

The Waldorf Writing Organization (WWO) is a place where students can share their creative works with a network of fellow gifted writers. The organization is dedicated to the support of aspiring authors, poets, screen/play writers, and other related artists. Tim Bascom and Kyle Torke, WWO advisors and published authors, are excellent sources of expertise and guidance. As an extension of the English and Creative Writing curricula, the WWO offers tremendous opportunities for leadership and involvement in:

  • Organizing WWO events including an Open Mic event each semester.
  • Serving as publication staff, editors, or contributors with the Waldorf Literary Review
  • Assisting with the annual Northern Iowa High School Writing Contest
  • Interacting with various nationally recognized writers through the Waldorf Distinguished Visiting Writers Series
  • Presenting creative work in conferences and competitions such as the Iowa Streamlines, Undergraduate Writing and Literature Conference, and the Salveson Prize Competition

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