Requesting Accommodations

Waldorf University Online students who would like to request academic accommodations for a disability will need to contact a disabilities specialist and provide appropriate documentation of their disability at least two weeks prior to their first class meeting.

Appropriate documentation will include a diagnosis of the disability, testing results and the impact of the disability on the student in the online learning environment. The university is required by law to have current documentation of the disability in order to provide accommodations. Typically, academic testing results are required to be within the last three years. (The timeframe of testing for certain disabilities can be more or less frequent, based on the area of disability and the possibility of a change within the disability or condition pertaining to student need and the requirements of our office.)

Insufficient or incomplete documentation may result in a delay in accommodations or the implementation of limited or temporary accommodations until appropriate and up-to-date documentation is received.

Accommodations Agreement

Initial Accommodations Request Form

Once our office receives the student’s accommodations request and documentation, they will be contacted by one of our disability specialists to finalize accommodations. After communicating the student’s needs with the disability specialist, an accommodations agreement form will signed by both parties and placed in their confidential file.

Notification to Professors

Term Accommodation Request Form

Students must make an accommodations request each term, indicating which course(s) where they want to utilize accommodations.

Waldorf only notifies professors of the academic accommodations necessary for the student’s participation in their class and not the area(s) of their disability. If students choose to disclose their disability area to their professor, that is their individual choice. Students will be provided with a copy of the letter outlining their accommodations to the professor.

Students are responsible for requesting accommodations through our office in a timely manner, providing our office with ample time to provide accommodations and notify professor(s).

Confidential Information

Students’ confidential information is kept secure at our office and is only accessible to our staff. Documentation of disabilities is kept separate from any official academic records. Records regarding students’ disabilities are maintained only to provide accommodations for taking Waldorf University courses. Records regarding disabilities will be destroyed in a confidential manner five years after graduation or the last course participation, unless we receive a request from the student to destroy them earlier.

Documentation May be Mailed To:

Disabilities Specialist
Waldorf University, Academic Achievement Center
106 S. 6th St.
Forest City, IA 50436


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