The Academic Support Program (ASP) is available for all Waldorf Residential students and has proven to be beneficial for those who choose to enroll. Many students earn a higher GPA in college than what was obtained in high school after fully utilizing this program.

Although the ASP is available for all students, it’s especially helpful to those who may not have performed to their academic potential in high school, did not take a full schedule of college preparatory classes or anyone looking to improve their study skills. In some cases, the ASP may be a requirement for acceptance into the university.

There is a fee of $550 for each semester the student participates in the ASP.

Services provided

  • Academic Coaching
  • Academic Progress Monitoring: Results are sent to student and parents, with permission
  • Monitored Study Time
  • On Course for Success: Course that uses academic strategies, learning assessments, class discussions, etc. to give students the opportunity to improve their college success
  • Post Program Academic Progress Monitoring: For one semester, results are sent to student and parents, with permission.
  • Strategies of Success: A course where skills are taught to increase academic preparedness for college