The Office of Student Retention is committed to providing continuous support for undergraduate students from admission to graduation.

We do this through one to one student engagement, program evaluation and development, early alert and intervention, data collection and review of University policy and procedure. We care deeply about the well-being, safety and success of our students and are dedicated to empower each student to graduation.

The Warrior Care initiative enables members of the University community to properly allocate University resources to enable student success. 

The Warrior Care Report 

Early intervention is crucial to the personal and academic success of our students. The Warrior Care Report is an essential tool for community members to utilize when students are experiencing difficulty. This tool should be used when one has significant concerns about the health, well-being and/or academic success of a Waldorf University student.

Making a report initiates a review process and a coordinated response involving the appropriate individuals, staff and offices. 

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Kristin Wempen

Director of Retention/Director of Academic Achievement Center