As a learning partner with Waldorf University, numerous companies, associations and organizations enjoy a 10 percent tuition discount. To enhance this great offer, Waldorf offers a special scholarship program exclusively for learning partners!

The scholarship will cover up to 60 credit hours toward one online degree program. The scholarship will be applied directly to the recipient’s tuition for up to three years or until the completion of the selected online degree program, whichever comes first.

This scholarship covers tuition only. Textbooks will be covered by Waldorf University's Loan-a-Book program. All student fees are the responsibility of the student.


The Learning Partner Scholarship program will award one scholarship every two months to the employees or members of companies, associations and organizations that are learning partners of Waldorf University. 

Application & Award Timelines
Scholarship Application Period Scholarship Award Month
November 1 – December 31 January
January 1 – February 28 March
March 1 – April 30 May
May 1 – June 30 July
July 1 – August 31 September
September 1 – October 31 November


  • Applicants must be an employee/member of a Waldorf Learning Partner,
  • have a high school transcript or equivalent (GED),
  • be available to begin coursework within 90 days of the date of the award,
  • capable of maintaining a 2.0 undergraduate GPA or 3.0 graduate GPA - Students who have previous college experience must meet Waldorf University Online academic requirements for admission to the university.
  • be able to maintain continuous enrollment in his or her degree program.
  • Current Waldorf students must already meet these requirements to be considered.
  • Must have a current application for admission to Waldorf University on file or be a current student.

Acceptable Verification Documentation Includes:

  • A Statement of Employment on Letterhead from a Superior
  • Copy of an Employment or Membership ID Card
  • Copy of a Membership Verification Letter with Expiration Date


Please submit the scholarship application by the end of the application period for the scholarship award date you wish to be considered for.

Please contact if you have any questions or would like to learn more about the educational opportunities available through Waldorf University.

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