Tanner Hall

Tanner Hall (1964) is named for The Rev. Dr. Jacob Tanner, a popular and distinguished former theology professor at Waldorf known to have taken two steps at a time when climbing the stairs as he was still teaching at Waldorf at the age of 90.

Tanner Hall can house 143 students in its north and south wings, conveniently located in the center of campus. A limited number of single rooms are available for upper-class students requesting a single room. First-year and upper-class students mix well in this co-ed building of six floors (4 male and 2 female floors, depending on the year).

The lobby of Tanner Hall has a comfortable social area for studying and relaxation with a TV and pool table. There is a kitchen on the 2nd floor of North Tanner for students who like to cook. Free laundry (washer and dryer) is conveniently available on all six floors of Tanner Hall.  Each floor has carpeted double rooms, an a/c unit within the room and common area (recently renovated) floor bathrooms with showers, sinks and toilets.  Tanner is conveniently located next to the Campus Center (mail center, main dining hall & student union area) with outdoor bonfire pits in the Breen, Johnson & London, Tanner North/South quad green space.

Tanner is located at 124 South 8th Street in Forest City, Iowa.

Floor Plan

Tanner floor plan