Breen Hall (1998) is named for Clarence and his brother Elroy Breen, generous alumnus supporters of Waldorf. Breen is a three-story, co-ed residence hall with more modern suite rooms (bathroom/shower included) for upper-class students. Single rooms are not permitted in Breen due to the high demand for this hall. Breen can house 99 students (2 to a room) and features rooms with central air-conditioning, carpet, beds, dressers, desks, closets and a private bath. A full kitchen and free laundry facility are available on the first level for student use. Other unique features of the hall include two large open lounges (one of them being a movie/social lounge), a private study area and elevator access to all three levels. In addition, a tiered conference room/classroom on the first level includes the latest in media services and seating for 40. Students that have class in this classroom do not have to leave the building for their thirty second commute to class!

Breen is conveniently located close to parking lot “B” upper-class student parking and is just up the hill from the strength and conditioning center, fieldhouse, athletic areas, and fine arts center. Breen is across from Johnson and London Hall with outdoor bonfire pits in the Breen, Johnson & London, Tanner North/South quad outdoor green space.

Breen Hall is located at 146 South 9th Street, in Forest City, Iowa.

Floor Plan