As a commuter student at Waldorf University, we strive to provide services on campus that welcome and engage you with the warrior experience. Please contact the Office of Student Life (Campus Center) at 641.585.8160 or if you have questions, recommendations or ideas on how we can best serve our commuter student population.  

Meal Plan Options 

Commuter Block Plans are the best way for commuter and part-time students, faculty and staff to get the most for their dining dollars on campus. Commuter Block Plans work much the same way as the Residential Meal Plans do. Use meals however you’d like in the Campus Dining Room or Warrior Crossing under the guideline listed in the exchange policy below. Also, included is the Declining Balance money on your ID for you to use whenever and however you desire. Additionally, Commuter Plans do not expire and left over money and meals carry over from semester to semester and have no restrictions on how many or how often you use meals throughout the day. Please contact the Business Office, 2nd Floor Salveson Hall, for current pricing, payment options and adding a meal plan. All plans are added to your student ID to be scanned at the dining hall or Warrior Crossing.

  • Block 80: 80 meals with $75 Declining Balance - $599
  • Block 50: 50 meals with $75 Declining Balance - $409
  • Block 30: 30 meals with $100 Declining Balance - $319

Bad Weather & Classes/Events            

Out-of-town commuter students will experience occasional winter weather that is difficult for travel and you may not able to drive to campus/ Forest City or be advised to travel if you live outside of Forest City. In instances where there are weather warnings or driving conditions where you don’t feel safe, please contact your professors, coaches, directors, supervisors or advisors by email individually and let them know of your situation with a missed or late event. Our faculty and staff are flexible and understanding with our out-of-town commuter students, especially when there is good communication. Classes and events are not always cancelled due to inclement weather since many of our professors, staff and students live in Forest City. A quick email or text/with your commuter situation will often provide understanding and excuse you from the event for safety concerns.   

Campus Mailboxes

Commuter students are welcome to have an assigned student mailbox in the lower level of the Campus Center for mail and package delivery. Please email Anna Moklestad or stop by the CIC desk in the Campus Center. Please note the hours of the Campus Center for accessibility to your mailbox. The Campus Center is open until 10 p.m. during the regular academic year. Hours may vary during breaks, holidays and summer.    

Campus Storage Lockers 

If you are interested in an assigned storage locker to place belongings during the day or throughout the year, please contact the CIC (Campus Information Center) desk for details. The yellow lockers are located in the lower level/ basement in Odvin Hagen Hall across from the restrooms. You may select a numbered locker and inform the Campus Center Desk that you have selected a locker. Students are responsible to provide their own padlock for the unit. 

Areas on Campus to Hangout, Study & Meet Others

There are plenty of spaces on campus to connect and meet other students. Some areas we have on campus for students to relax or study that are quiet or social are in the Atrium, Anna Marie Mitchell Room (Campus Center), Gatsby’s (lower level Campus Center), Campus Center lounge, library entrance lounge, second floor library and hallway skywalk lounge (seated area between Salveson and Thorson). Academic departments around campus also have suites or spaces such as the Communications Department, Music Department, Theatre Department and departments located in Thorson Hall.

Additional Information

  • A printer (PaperCut program) is located in the Campus Center at the CIC desk.
  • Sign-up for our Emergency Text Message System (FastCommand) on our Security website, to stay aware of campus alerts and what is happening around campus. 
  • Our Campus Bookstore (Voss Hall by Admissions/Financial Aid) provides supplies, merchandise, cool clothing and everything Waldorf. They also offer shipping labels and services for packages when they need to be sent out.
    • Already have a shipping label? If it is UPS or FedEx, bring it by the Campus Center CIC Desk to be picked up and shipped out.

Commuter students are welcomed and encouraged to join our campus activities (most are free of charge) such as the following: free in-town movie night tickets to the Forest Theatre, bowling (SuperBowl/FC) events, Fine Arts productions, intramurals, table games at the CIC, night speakers/entertainers, Atrium events, sporting events or simply join or start a new club of your choice!