The Theatre Department aims to mature young artists in their discovery of self and vocation; expose them to the world (past and present) of the working professional; instill a foundation of vocabulary, skills and methodology; challenge them to develop an aesthetic sense and standard; provide hands-on and practical learning opportunities; and produce, at the very least, a culturally active citizen.

Waldorf encourages all students to apply for theatre scholarships, as they are available for majors as well as non-majors.


We have generous scholarships available. Please reach out to us for more information at

Audition Festival Locations

  • International Thespian Festival (Bloomington, Ind.)
  • Iowa Thespian Festival (UNI)
  • Illinois Thespian Festival

Campus Auditions

If you are not participating in any of the festivals listed above, you can visit the Waldorf University campus and audition for our department in person during an individual visit or any of these events.

Campus Audition Opportunities

Video Auditions

We allow video auditions for those who are not able to visit the Theatre Department and audition in person.

To send us a video audition please visit here to complete our Video Audition Form.

Audition Material

Whether you are visiting the Waldorf University Theatre Department here on campus or sending in a video audition, we are very open on audition materials. Here are options to choose from for your audition.

Audition Material Options

  • A cold reading of a monologue or a scene
  • A prepared 2-3 minute monologue
  • A cut of a musical theatre piece