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waldorf music

On behalf of the faculty and staff associated with the Department of Music, welcome to Waldorf University. Since its founding in 1903, music has always been a central part of the Waldorf tradition. Here, students take center stage through:

  • A commitment to quality education;
  • A dedication to an excellent student experience;
  • A program with purposeful core values;
  • A community that induces personal growth, high academic achievement, lasting friendships, and community responsibility;
  • A community that values religious faith, conveying a life and purpose that serves Christ in all things; and
  • A university engaged within the world.

Our objectives in the Department of Music seek to serve the student majoring in music, as well as the non-major with an interest in growing musically. As a rule, we strive to cultivate a student’s musical integrity in such a manner that the future music professional’s ability to work and think in their field is fully developed.

Faculty model personal and professional integrity that is encouraging, supportive, all while demanding the very best from their students. This creates an environment of performance and learning which is essential Christian, includes a Godly stewardship of time, ability and talent, a supportive family of goodwill and congeniality, and the encouragement of healthy competition.

Collectively, these endeavors provide each student the necessary pre-professional development needed to engage in a variety of musical endeavors, and make for a successful and meaningful engagement with the world around them. We hope you find your experience on that is every bit the definition of music enlightenment we intend.