The Library provides exam proctoring for students taking online courses.  Members of the library staff are approved proctors for Waldorf University and you may schedule exam appointments with them during their normal work hours. 

Steps to set up a proctored exam

  1. Student must contact the Library to request a Proctor for an exam at least 2 days prior to the desired exam appointment.  Specific staff member availability will depend on the exam date and time requested.  Drop-in proctoring is not available.    

  2. Student must contact Online Student Services (877-267-2157)  at least 2 days prior to the scheduled exam date to inform them of the following:

    • Student Name
    • Course Title
    • Name of Course Instructor
    • Exam Due Date
    • Name of scheduled Proctor
    • Appointment date and time scheduled to take the exam
  3. Student Services will set up the requested exam and forward the appropriate information to the assigned Proctor to allow access to the exam on the appointment date. 

  4. A valid photo ID for identification is required for the exam.

  5. Bring your laptop and power cord to use for the exam (preferred).  If you do not have a laptop, the library will provide a computer for your use.

  6. You will need to know your Blackboard account ID and password to access the exam.

  7.  If the exam is open book, you may use only the course textbook or approved material.

  8. You are allowed 4 hours to complete the exam. Please plan accordingly.

  9. Phones and other electronics are NOT allowed during exams.

Due to the limited availability of evening staff, examinations should take place between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.  Exceptions may be made with prior authorization.