The residence life program at Waldorf is a vital component of the educational program and academic support services that provides a two-fold living/learning environment for all resident students.

The goals of the residence life program include:

  • Providing individual and/or group educational and development opportunities
  • Offering well-maintained facilities
  • Offering responsive, efficient and effective management of services and resources.

The resident assistants (RAs) are students who serve as members of the residence life staff and are directly supervised by an area coordinator. RAs interact frequently and communicate often with resident students; therefore, they have an outstanding opportunity to contribute to their development and education through community building.

RAs are also responsible for implementing programs and enforcing policies through which residence life goals can be realized and they are expected to encourage all residents to be constructively supportive by involvement in the overall residence life program.

Important Dates

  • You may apply in the fall or the spring to become an RA for the following school year. ¬†Please check your email for important announcements regarding the RA interview and selection process.
  • Fall 2024 RA training will be from Thursday, July 31-Sunday, August 5, 2024.