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Phone & TV Info

Telephone Information
Waldorf University provides local telephone service to each residence halls via a centralized lobby phone. The Waldorf Bookstore carries $5 (102 minutes), $10 (204 minutes), and $20 (408 minutes) phone cards that students can purchase and use for long distance. Also offered is the "Dollar Days" card, a $1 phone card that enables the caller to make unlimited phone calls within the contiguous United States for one day.

Cable Television
Waldorf provides the service (included in room/board costs) of Cable TV in each residence hall room but students need to provide the cable (standard coax cable with male RF connectors on each end) that connects from the TV to the wall connection. This cable is available for purchase in the Waldorf Bookstore in both 10 ft. and 20 ft. cable lengths. Service and support calls should be promptly reported to the IT Department.