Laptop Repairs

The IT department will do Waldorf laptop repairs on site. A replacement computer may be issued so that your access to technology can continue while your laptop is being repaired. Warranty repairs are not charged to the user. User caused repairs (billable repairs) will be billed to the student for the cost of the repair. Examples: broken LCD panel due to being dropped or hit, liquid spills in the keyboard, stickers or ink markings, missing parts (keys, hinges, etc.).

Care of the Computer

  • Refrain from placing stickers or marking your computer with ink or markers as this could cause damage. You will be billed for this type of damage.
  • Exposing your laptop to extreme hot or cold weather conditions could result in damage to your laptop. Protect your laptop from those conditions.
  • Do not leave the laptop in your car at any time to protect from temperature extremes and theft.
  • Never leave your laptop unattended in a classroom or anywhere else. Lock your dorm room each time you leave to protect yourself from theft. It can take less than a minute for your laptop to be stolen!
  • Power your laptop down on a daily basis. Leaving the computer on for extended periods of time will reduce the system resources and cause poor performance.
  • Do not place your laptop in the bag with cables still attached. This can damage the ports on the system board.

Saving/Backing up Files and Documents

The most common storage location for your documents is the hard drive of your laptop. However, the IT department does not recommend that you rely on one storage location for your documents or other important files. Hard drive failure is a very common occurrence. Too often a hard drive will crash during finals week when many hours have been spent on that paper or final project. Saving your files to cloud storage or USB flash/thumb drives is recommended.

Microsoft Office

Waldorf University uses Microsoft Office 365 Cloud based software. Students sign-in using their email address and password to gain access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook. Students are welcome to use Office 365 for the time they attend Waldorf as a residential student.