Pursuing a major in English or Creative Writing means you have the skills to read critically, speak articulately, and write well. These skills are highly desirable for a whole variety of careers! In recent years, Waldorf English and Creative Writing majors have gone on to…

  • Teach high school English, direct high school plays, serve as speech team coaches
  • Pursue MFA (Master of Fine Arts) degrees in creative writing
  • Study for MA and PhD degrees in literature, comparative literature, or composition studies
  • Teach creative writing and composition as graduate teaching assistants
  • Attend law school
  • Get a degree in library science
  • Go to seminary to become a pastor
  • Work as an overseas translator
  • Join the military and be trained in a foreign language to serve as a translator
  • Tutor immigrant children in English or teach English overseas
  • Work as an administrative assistant at a college
  • Join the student life or admissions staff of a college
  • Publish poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction
  • Work as a professional tutor in a high school
  • Write for a newspaper or magazine – either a traditional publication or online
  • Join the Peace Corps, the Lutheran Volunteer Corps, or other aid organizations
  • Work at a non-profit organization helping to coordinate volunteer positions
  • Work at a hospital, insurance agency, or other business that requires good writing skills
  • Write professionally for a social media site

You might also…

  • Work as a reporter, writer, editor, or proofreader at a magazine, newspaper, or publishing company
  • Attend graduate school to study medieval studies, medicine, American studies, women’s studies, ethnic studies, English, writing center administration, business and technical communications, computers and composition, linguistics and grammar, journalism, counseling, library science, and English as a second language
  • Work at a non-profit such as a museum, theatre, historical site, or group home for troubled youth
  • Write the text for video games, design webpages, create online advertisements
  • Teach high school or middle school literature, writing, grammar, speech, drama, reading, theatre, or creative writing
  • Work at a business in sales or marketing departments, or write letters, reports, pamphlets, memos, web text, grant applications, advertisements.

The question is: What CAN’T you do with an English or Creative Writing major from Waldorf University? What Can You Do With an English or Creative Writing Major?