Sophomore - Junior Years

  • Examine career goals to identify which graduate degree to pursue.
  • View graduate school program options.
  • Visit with your professors about schools they recommend, based on your selection criteria.
  • Look on-line at various graduate programs and schools.
  • Request applications for admission.
  • Visit the schools of interest to you.

Senior Year

  • Apply to several schools, including some "sure bets" and some "long shots." Most applications are due between January and March.
  • Write your personal statements or application essays.
  • Take the required entrance exam(s).
  • Apply for financial aid. February 1st is a common financial aid deadline.
  • Request the Waldorf University Registrar to submit your transcripts.
  • Ask three professors, internship supervisors, and/or work supervisors to write letters of recommendation.
  • Send thank you cards to your recommenders.

Application Checklist

  • Application form
  • Personal statements and/or application essays
  • Recommendation letters
  • Official transcripts from Waldorf and all other colleges you've attended
  • Entrance exam scores

Graduate School Entrance Exams

GRE - computer based test required for admission to most graduate programs.
GMAT - computer-based test required for admission to graduate business programs.
LSAT - required for law school admission.
MCAT - required for medical school admission.

Registering for Graduate School Entrance Exams

Test administration sites in Iowa: Ames, Iowa City, Bettendorf, Sioux City, West Des Moines
To register for the Ames testing site, call 515.294.6214 and have your credit card ready. Tests must be paid for at the time of registration.

Studying for Graduate School Entrance Exams

For some of the tests, including the GRE, on-line practice tests are available by clicking on the links above. The Waldorf University Library contains several books to assist you in preparing for graduate entrance exams.