Waldorf has created a series of emergency safety procedures that every member of the Waldorf community should be aware of. Please take some time to become familiar with these procedures as well as the information on campus security and parking.

If you witness an incident that occurs on Waldorf’s campus, please report it by using our Incident Report form or by notifying a member of the Student Life staff. With your cooperation we can provide the safest campus possible for Waldorf.

The annual Campus Security Report is a part of our effort to ensure that this collaborative endeavor is effective. We hope you will read it carefully and use the information to help foster a safe environment for yourself and others on the Waldorf campus.

Waldorf community members may also enroll for free with Alert!Iowa, a community notification system. Alert!Iowa provides emergency notification for Winnebago County weather and other emergency alerts.


Email: healthsafety@waldorf.edu

Phone: 800.292.1903

Department Hours: 8am - 5pm

Safety & Security Resources

AODA Reports

Waldorf University emphasizes a policy enforcement and student engagement approach to alcohol and drug issues on campus. Waldorf University currently does not allow students to have alcohol on campus in any capacity (consumption, possession). This policy allows for enforcement of policy to be clear and without a vague decision making process. The exception to this policy is that outside groups that sponsor an event (such as a wedding or family reunion) may have alcohol at a non student/employee event provided that the AODA committee approves the conditions.

The student engagement tools utilized on campus include educational strategies, alternative activities, environmental strategies, community involvement, and early involvement and connection strategies. The counseling approaches employed by the Student Life Counseling Department include screening, AODA assessment and education and periodic orientation, RA training and general speakers.

AODA Biennial Review Reports

Campus Security Reports

Iowa Sex Offender Registry

The Iowa Sex Offender Registry is available for citizen to search for all individuals that have been convicted or adjudicated of a criminal offense against a minor, sexual exploitation, or a sexually violent crime or who was on probation, parole, or work release status, or who was incarcerated on or after July 1, 1995.

This information is provided to the public pursuant to Iowa Code chapter 692A.

Student Athlete Drug Testing Policy

The Drug Abuse Prevention, Education, Testing, & Counseling Program for Waldorf University student-athletes promotes a drug-free environment for the intercollegiate competitive program.

The program’s purposes are to prevent an unfair competitive advantage for those who abuse certain chemical substances, to protect the health and safety of all competitors, to educate student-athletes, to provide assistance for those who are found to engage in substance abuse and to maintain appropriate standards of behavior in intercollegiate athletics at Waldorf University.