The Waldorf University English major exposes students to a rich variety of literature and writing courses. The literature courses serve to ground students in the meaning and importance of the written word and cover a breadth of genres, time periods, and nationalities. Students also have opportunities in courses of expository and creative writing to practice communicating more effectively to serve a wide variety of purposes with a wide range of readers, including, of course, academic. All courses within the program pay special attention to the art of critical thinking, reading, and writing, thereby preparing English majors to go on to graduate school; to enter English-related fields such as teaching, writing, editing, or publishing; or to work in a traditional business setting, where they are prized for their ability to think and communicate clearly. Students may choose from two English tracks: English or English Secondary Education. They may also choose to major in Creative Writing.

This program is available on campus only.

Degree Requirements

Review the complete list of core requirements for this program.

English Major Requirements - 42 Credits
Prefix Number Course Credit Hours
CWR 201 Introduction to Creative Writing 3
ENG 230 Advanced Composition 3
ENG 250 or 107 Exploring Literature/Honors Composition II 3
ENG 441 Shakespeare 3
Two American Literature Surveys
ENG 341 American Literature to 1865 3
ENG 342 American Literature 1865-Present 3
Two British Surveys
ENG 351 British Literature I: Beowulf to 18th Century 3
ENG 352 British Literature II: Romantic Era to Contemporary 3
One Global Literature Course
ENG 212 Global Literature 3
ENG 213 Postcolonial Literature 3
ENG 470 Vietnam Era 3
ENG 415 Special Topics: Global Literature 3
Two courses that are ENG 200+ 6
Two courses that are either ENG, CWR, COM, or related field. 6
Thesis/Internship 3+
ENG 495 Internship
ENG 499 Senior Thesis

Students pursuing the English major must complete a minor in another subject area, not limited to the Humanities area. Requirements for the minor discipline should be completed in conjunction with the English major requirements. For example: A minor in Education requires the completion of EDU 201, 210; PSY 144; SPED 220; and 9-12 additional credits in EDU, MUE, PED 200+, and/or SPED courses. Courses with prerequisites need to be filled before or concurrently with enrollment.

English Minor

A minor in English requires completion of 21 credits in writing or literature at the 212 level or above or a related field (with consent of advisor). An English major seeking a minor in Creative Writing may apply CWR201, one upper- level Creative Writing course, and two English literature courses toward both the English major and the Creative Writing minor.