SMT 2701: Sociology of Sport


This course examines how sociology can be used to study sport in society and is organized to facilitate the use of published literature. The course pays special attention to sports and sport-related behaviors as they occur in social and cultural contexts and uses concepts, theories, and research as tools that enable students to examine sports as a part of culture. Students will gain an appreciation of sport as both a cultural and economic tool and explain how sport has been used to bridge countries separated by political strife. The course also investigates the historical relationship of sport to society.


  1. Describe the sociology of sports and explain why it should be studied.
  2. Analyze modern social theories and explain why these theories are useful to those who study sports in society.
  3. Discuss how studying sports in the past can help one to understand sports today.
  4. Describe how sports affect the socialization process and how organized programs affect children.
  5. Discuss deviance and violence in sports and explain how they affect our lives.
  6. Discuss the issues of gender, race, and ethnicity in sports and analyze the nature of these issues in our society.
  7. Discuss how money and power affect sports and outline the characteristics of commercial sports.
  8. Explain the interaction between sports and the media.
  9. Analyze and explain how governments and global processes influence sports.
  10. Analyze and explain the contribution of high school and college competitive sports to education.
  11. Explain how it is possible to combine sports and religion.
  12. Analyze and explain how sports will affect the future.




Sports in society: Issues and controversies (Rev: 11th ed.)

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (2015)
Author: Coakley, J. J.
ISBN: 978-0-07-802252-4
Price: $162.17

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