PSY 3220: Health Psychology


This course will examine psychological theories and research related to health and wellness. The focus of this class will be on psychological factors associated with health-related and health compromising behaviors. Furthermore, this course will cover the psychological aspects of health issues such as pain, chronic illness, terminal illness, cardiovascular disease, and immune system diseases.


  1. Understand and explain relevant key terminology related to health psychology.
  2. Understand the psychological aspects of a number of health problems.
  3. Think critically about the roles of health-related and health-compromising behaviors in your life and the lives of others.
  4. Describe the effects of exercise on psychological health and on stress management.
  5. Explain the nature of addictions.
  6. Describe the sources of chronic stress and their impact on health.
  7. Describe the goals of health psychology research in quality of life.


  1. BIO 1030
  2. PSY 1010


Health psychology

Publisher: Sage (2016)
Author: Anisman, H.
ISBN: 9781473918986
Price: $65.52

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