HLS 3030: Radicalization


Examines the process of radicalization and the role it plays in violent extremism and homegrown terrorism. This course analyzes psychological, sociological, and religious concepts and ideologies as well as discusses case studies and profiles of radicalized individuals and groups.


  1. Discuss the major concepts of the radicalization process.
  2. Examine the psychological and criminological process that leads to terrorism.
  3. Discuss the sociological concept of alienation as it relates to radicalization.
  4. Analyze violent radicalization and the role it plays in homegrown violent extremism.
  5. Describe the political, sociological, and religious ideologies of radicalized individuals.
  6. Discuss the process of radicalization in prison.
  7. Examine the individual profiles and case studies of radicalization.




The psychology of radicalization and terrorism

Publisher: Routledge (2016)
Author: Koomen, W., & van der Pligt, J.
ISBN: 9781848724426
Price: $55.07

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