CRJ 2050: Introduction to Terrorism


Examines the various types of terrorism and known terrorist groups deemed to be a probable threat against the citizens of the United States, and explores various techniques and resources designed to counterterrorist threats in the United States.


  1. Identify several types of terrorism, and describe how and why weapons of mass destruction serve as the weapons of choice.
  2. Examine the historical influence from trends in terrorism and reactionary response recognizing how it affects modern terrorist acts and plans to defeat those acts of terrorism.
  3. Define terrorism and bombing.
  4. Examine the dynamic details of hostage situations and use those details toward effective negotiation process.
  5. Discuss the trends occurring within terrorist organizations and how these trends will affect the future of counter terrorism.
  6. Utilize the knowledge, typologies, and concepts of terrorism and terrorist threats to form prevention and response tactics.
  7. Define the al Qaeda group and Palestinian Movement in respect to international terrorism and influence in counter terror planning.
  8. Identify the positive and negative roles the media play in combating terrorism, as well as how terrorist play upon media reaction to further their cause.
  9. Analyze foreign terrorist organizations and examine interrelations between major terrorist cell groups, as well as common goals and targets.
  10. Create innovative counterterrorist strategies while considering the terrorist approach and other proven counterterrorist strategies.
  11. List worldwide issues associated with suicide bombers, and differentiate the intention of such incidents versus the outcome.




Understanding terrorism: Groups, strategies, and responses (Rev: 3)

Publisher: Prentice Hall (2011)
Author: Poland, J.M.
ISBN: 9780132457767
Price: $90.36

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