THR 1010: Introduction to Theater


Provides a perspective of theatrical form and function throughout history to present. Aims to develop a critical ability based on background knowledge which will increase the understanding and appreciation of the theatre and related arts. Specific emphasis will be placed upon theatrical literary survey, dramatic analysis techniques, and developing oral interpretation skills.


  1. Evaluate critically the relationship of art and entertainment.
  2. Analyze the relationship between theatre and religion, society, culture, and politics.
  3. Understand and draw upon key terms, concepts, processes, and features that will enable them to create intelligent and sophisticated arguments on key issues in theatre.
  4. Evaluate the features and relationships among the components present within the context of a theatrical event, such as: actor, audience, director, concept, production staff, architecture/theatrical space, and design.
  5. Understand the role of and approaches to analysis of plays and live performances.
  6. Understand and draw upon Aristotle’s components of drama.
  7. Read, see, and analyze plays.
  8. Understand and analyze how plays come to be plays by way of writing, reading, generic classification, interpretation, and criticism.
  9. Analyze the actor’s process throughout history.
  10. Analyze a dramatic character by employing the actor’s process.
  11. Understand and analyze the role of director, playwright, and designer in the interpretation of plays.
  12. Understand the nature of professional and amateur theatre, including the role of the producer, economics, and promotion.
  13. Understand and critically evaluate theatre history and the connections between that history and the art and craft of the actor, director, writer, designer, and others.
  14. Make connections between his/her work in and out of the theatre and the issues facing theatre practitioners.




Theatre: The lively art (Rev: 8)

Publisher: McGraw-Hill (2012)
Author: Wilson, E., & Goldfarb, A.
ISBN: 9780073514208
Price: $135.20

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