SPN 1010: Introduction to Spanish


Introduces the Spanish language with an emphasis on vocabulary and structure. Topics include the development of basic communication skills and the acquisition of basic knowledge of the cultures of Spanish speaking countries. Students use headsets to take advantage of the audio component of this course.


  1. Pronunciation and comprehension of all basic sounds of the language.
  2. Communication in basic situations that require the ability to greet, ask questions, express needs, emotions and opinions using the vocabulary and structure studied in the text.
  3. Comprehension of ideas articulated within the framework of the vocabulary and grammar points presented.
  4. Reading comprehension of simple Spanish prose, containing familiar vocabulary and grammar as well as unfamiliar passages with cognates.
  5. Writing simple sentences with sufficient clarity and fluency to be understood by a native speaker.
  6. Basic knowledge of important customs and lifestyles of the Spanish-speaking world such as music, dances, climate, geography, family life, school and university life, rural and urban life and how they compare to U. S. culture.




¡Arriba! Comunicación y cultura (Rev: 6)

Publisher: Prentice Hall (2012)
Author: Zayas-Bazán, E., Bacon, S. M., & Nibert, H. J.
ISBN: 9780205740376
Price: $214.31

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