SOC 1010: Introduction to Sociology


Provides an in-depth study of the basic concepts of sociology. Specific attention is given to culture characteristics, societal changes, inequalities in social classes, and how they relate to different groups in society.


  1. Recognize the ideas of sociological theorists in terms of the historical, economic, and social contexts.
  2. Express the relationship between one’s beliefs and one’s group memberships.
  3. Describe the transmission of cultures through socialization.
  4. Interpret patterns of behavior through sociological skills and theory.
  5. Apply micro theories of self, using one’s own digital footprint.
  6. Explain how social structure shapes an individual’s life chances.




SOC 2018 (Rev: 5th ed.)

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (2018)
Author: Witt, J.
ISBN: 9781259702723
Price: $92.56

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