SMT 6400: Strategic Marketing in Sport


This course provides an overview of marketing in sport. Emphasis is placed on enabling the marketing manager to create strategies that “fit” the products and services to an athletic department or sport organization's distinctive competencies and its target market. The course centers on the development of decision-making skills in marketing and provides an overview of the strategic marketing management process.


  1. Use marketing terminology when creating a marketing plan for a sport organization or event.
  2. Implement application of marketing information sources when planning.
  3. Explain the importance of marketing as it relates to the profitability of the overall sports organization.
  4. Apply marketing decisions when creating a marketing plan for a sport organization or event.
  5. Recognize the factors that make sport marketing a unique enterprise.
  6. Apply the components of the marketing management process when making strategic marketing decisions.
  7. Appraise the central role of segmentation in the sport marketing process.
  8. Examine the four Ps of sport marketing.


  1. ORG 5000
  2. ORG 5100


Developing successful sport marketing plans (Rev: 4th ed.)

Publisher: FiT Publishing (2013)
Author: Stotlar, D. K
ISBN: 9781935412557
Price: $40.56

Fundamentals of sport marketing (Rev: 4th ed.)

Publisher: FiT Publishing (2013)
Author: Pitts, B. G., & Stotlar, D. K
ISBN: 9781935412403
Price: $82.16

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