SMT 5200: Emerging Trends in Sports Management


Learners will explore emerging trends in sport management including demographic shifts, managing diversity, economic trends, pay for play, coaching and administrative accountability, student-athlete eligibility issues, drug use in sport, strategic planning, organizational effectiveness, and ethical issues in sport.


  1. Analyze diversity issues in sport.
  2. Evaluate economic trends in sport.
  3. Explain trends in coaching and administrative accountability in sport.
  4. Discuss the issues of student-athlete eligibility in sport.
  5. Analyze issues of use/abuse of drugs in sport.
  6. Evaluate trends and issues in organizational effectiveness in sport.
  7. Evaluate ethical issues in sport.
  8. Evaluate an emerging trend in sport management by writing a research paper.


  1. ORG 5000
  2. ORG 5100


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