SMT 4301: Sport Legal Liability and Risk Management


Study of the legal implications of tort, liability law, and risk management in sports related fields. Provides specific law terminology, issues, cases, and decisions that have been addressed by the American legal system. Presents an overview of the legal system, an introduction to conducting legal research, an explanation of the role of arbitration as an alternative to litigation, and an examination of the role of practical risk management programs in sport fields.


  1. Explain the role of the attorney and agent when representing athletes.
  2. Discuss contracts and terms, including important clauses relating to an endorsement agreement.
  3. Discuss sports torts in relation to waivers, statutes of limitations, intentional torts, and products liability.
  4. Explain sports crimes as it relates to sports violence, crimes against the person, crimes affecting the public health and welfare, and crimes against the government.
  5. Describe Title IX and other women's issues in sports.
  6. Explain the laws around disabilities and sports such as the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the ADA.
  7. Discuss the laws surrounding illegal and performance-enhancing drugs and sports.
  8. Analyze international sports issues as they relate to sports law.
  9. Describe antitrust and labor issues in sports.
  10. Identify issues in sports related to intellectual property such as copyright, licensing, and ambush marketing.
  11. Discuss ADR in sports.
  12. Discuss issues related to religion and sport in the United States as they relate to the U.S. Constitution.




Sports law

Publisher: South-Western (2013)
Author: Epstein, A.
ISBN: 9781111971663
Price: $36.20

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