SMT 4201: Sport Financing


Provides an analysis of the unique qualities that make sport financing different from other types of financial management. Explains the financial history and record of a publicly traded corporation, and analyzes balance sheets, income statements, pro forma budgets, and numerous other financial statements and records. Special course topics will include management of personnel issues, ethics, economics, and governance.


  1. Explain financial histories of publicly traded corporations.
  2. Analyze balance sheets, income statements, and pro forma budgets in the sport industry.
  3. Interpret financial ratios used in the sport industry.
  4. Differentiate the qualities between sport financing and other types of financial management.
  5. Discuss factors that influence investors to utilize private funds to build sport facilities.
  6. Evaluate principles of inventory management and manufacturing costing models.
  7. Summarize the fundamentals of tax systems.
  8. Examine the day-to-day skills needed to manage a sport business or facility.




Sport finance (Rev: 3rd ed.)

Publisher: Human Kinetics (2013)
Author: Fried, G., DeSchriver, T. D., & Mondello, M.
ISBN: 9781450421041
Price: $84.96

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