SMT 4101: Sport Administration


Principles of efficient management and leadership concepts as applicable to the sport industry. Focuses on principles and techniques of management relating to programs, facilities, special events, and personnel. Includes key personnel issues in sport management situations; ethics, law, and governance in sport management; the role of the marketing process in sport administration; and economics, accounting, and budgeting.


  1. Analyze sport management as a career field and as an academic major.
  2. Examine the future of the sport industry, including some of the questions that sport managers will be required to answer.
  3. Classify the social, cultural, economic, and legal issues that influence the sport business industry.
  4. Analyze the legal and ethical issues influencing sport management operations.
  5. Explain the importance of sport sociology for sport managers.
  6. Demonstrate the process of consumer decision making in sport.
  7. Describe organizational behavior in the context of the sport industry.
  8. Illustrate three basic roles that managers assume in sport organizations.
  9. Discuss the challenges and directions in sport marketing.
  10. Explain the breadth of sport-related careers that focus on communication, public relations, and related skills.
  11. Illustrate the purpose of the organizations that govern intercollegiate athletics.
  12. Analyze the unique facets of professional sport, including its governance and the labor-management relationship professional team sports depend on.
  13. Demonstrate the role, scope, and impact of sport management and marketing agencies as they relate to the business of sport.
  14. Compare and contrast the intersection between sport and tourism.


  1. SMT 2701


Contemporary sport management (Rev: 5th ed.)

Publisher: Human Kinetics (2014)
Author: Pedersen, P. M., & Thibault, L.
ISBN: 9781450469654
Price: $116.48

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