REL 4035: Life, Meaning, and Vocation


An applied liberal arts course designed as a capstone which stimulates students to integrate the knowledge and skills of their respective disciplines with their deepest convictions and the living of their whole lives.


  1. Describe themselves as unique individuals.
  2. Compare their personal values and convictions with the ideals of the "American Dream."
  3. Analyze all facets of their lives at home, work, and in the community in terms of vocation.
  4. Integrate their deepest convictions with the fulfillment of their vocations.
  5. Evaluate the meaning of their lives in terms of service to others instead of the accumulatio n of wealth and possessions.


  1. HUM 1020


When all you’ve ever wanted isn’t enough: The search for a life that matters

Publisher: Simon & Schuster (2002)
Author: Kushner, H.
ISBN: 9780743234733
Price: $10.73

Leading lives that matter: What we should do and who we should be (Rev: 2nd ed.)

Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing (2020)
Author: Schwehn, M. R., & Bass, D. C. (Eds.)
ISBN: 9780802877147
Price: $45.50

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