REL 2350: Philosophies of World Religions


Philosophies of World Religions provides an introduction to the histories, basic philosophies and characteristic practices of the world’s major religions. Students will learn the importance of viewing religion from various scholarly perspectives. This course is taught from the philosophical perspective which requires that faith correspond to one’s ability to use the human gift of reason.


  1. Analyze and evaluate the common histories, traditions, and beliefs shared by many of the world's religions.
  2. Recognize the synthesis of various traditions and understand the beliefs and practices within major faiths.
  3. Recognize the origin and potential for misunderstandings and conf licts that appear to be inherent among many of the world's religions.
  4. Analyze how different religious backgrounds affect our various values, beliefs, judgments, and actions.
  5. Examine the manner in which religious beliefs are expressed through ceremony, food , clothing, art, architecture, etc.
  6. Utilize definitions, photos, and timelines to gain clarity regarding religious traditions.
  7. Use scholarship to gain an understanding and tolerance of the various world faiths.




Living religions (Rev: 9)

Publisher: Pearson (2013)
Author: Fisher, M. P.
ISBN: 9780205956401
Price: $115.51

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