PSY 4995: Senior Capstone


Senior Capstone is a course designed for students to thoroughly examine a current psychological topic of interest through an independent theoretical investigation. Students will further develop the ability to effectively communicate psychological knowledge through the completion of a literature review, proposal of future research directions, and creation of a mock poster presentation based on the topic of their choice. In addition, students in this course will consider their future plans after they graduate with a psychology degree.


  1. Describe three personally or professionally relevant psychological topics as well as their corresponding psychological sub-fields.
  2. Identify the components of a psychological research paper.
  3. Analyze the content of peer-reviewed psychological sources.
  4. Construct the introduction and discussion sections of an APA-style research paper.
  5. Propose a psychological hypothesis and study design to investigate the chosen research question.
  6. Design a conference-appropriate poster submission.


  1. PSY 4501
  2. PSY 1010


Effective writing in psychology: Papers, posters, and presentations (Rev: 2nd ed.)

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell (2012)
Author: Beins, B. C., & Beins, A. M.
ISBN: 9780470672440
Price: $36.62

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