PSY 4501: Research Methods


Introduces research methods in psychology. The primary emphasis is on behavioral research, but the approach can be applied in other fields as the broad basis of scientific thinking.


  1. Summarize the scientific method.
  2. Explore the ethical principles governing research in psychology.
  3. Distinguish the main characteristics of various research methods.
  4. Examine the various types of assessment measures.
  5. Investigate the difference between validity and reliability in research.
  6. Differentiate between various types of research designs.
  7. Interpret research data.
  8. Critique a scholarly article from a peer-reviewed psychology journal.


  1. MTH 2023
  2. PSY 1010


Research methods in psychology: Evaluating a world of information (Rev: 3rd ed.)

Publisher: Norton (2017)
Author: Morling, B.
ISBN: 9780393617542
Price: $141.70

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