PSY 4030: Sensation and Perception


Sensation and Perception is an introductory course for junior-senior level undergraduate students and covers introductory physiology and workings of the five human senses with special emphasis on the psychology of perception. The goal of the course is to relate how different theories and models explain perception as information processes through these senses and coalesce in our brains and minds.


  1. Outline differences between sensation and perception providing reasons for studying them in psychology.
  2. Classify properties of stimuli that evoke a variety of responses in different senses.
  3. Describe methods for measuring sensory modalities through classical psychophysics and signal detection theory.
  4. Describe the neuroscience behind sensory and perceptual mechanisms and how they deliver messaging about external and internal surroundings.
  5. Illustrate how neuronal connections and circuits in the brain are formed and process sensory information.
  6. Discuss basic attributes and principles behind motion, color and binocular perception.
  7. Demonstrate knowledge about auditory anatomy and physiology and stimulus properties of sound.
  8. Explain how the physiology of the cutaneous senses and how touch senses perceive different qualities of surfaces with fine details, vibrations, and texture.
  9. Describe physiology of pain and the underlying perceptual processes in the perception of pain.
  10. Compare olfactory and gustatory perception, in particular distinct stimuli, psychophysics and physiology behind such comparisons.


  1. BIO 1030
  2. PSY 1010


Sensation and perception (Rev: 4th ed.)

Publisher: Sinauer Associates (2014)
Author: Wolfe, J. M., Kluender, K. R., Levi, D. M., Bartoshuk, L. M., Herz, R. S., Klatzky, R., . . . & Merfeld, D. M.
ISBN: 9781605352114
Price: $154.65

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