PSY 3460: Cognitive Psychology


Examines how the mind and brain operate from a psychological and physiological perspective, including cognitive development across the life span, the human memory, and the cognitive processes.


  1. Discuss the emergence of modern cognitive psychology.
  2. Describe the visual system.
  3. Analyze the different processes and types of attention.
  4. Compare and contrast working and long-term memory.
  5. Explore select research on memory strategies and metacognition.
  6. Summarize the major benefits of concept maps.
  7. Differentiate key milestones in human cognitive development throughout life.


  1. PSY 1010


Cognition (Rev: 10th ed.)

Publisher: Wiley (2019)
Author: Farmer, T. A., & Matlin, M. W.
ISBN: 9781119491712
Price: (No information available)

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