PSY 3450: Abnormal Psychology


Explores the definition of abnormal behavior and causes, classifications, and assessments for psychological disorders.


  1. Distinguish the diagnostic nature in abnormal psychology from other areas of psychological study.
  2. Explain the importance of recognizing cultural bias in psychopathology treatment.
  3. Examine the contributions of nature and nurture in the development of abnormal behavior.
  4. Contrast the history of institutional treatment of mental disorders with current treatment methods.
  5. Describe current treatments for mental illness.
  6. Examine various psychopathological disorders.
  7. Summarize the issues associated with mental heatlthcare delivery.


  1. PSY 1010


Abnormal psychology: The science and treatment of psychological disorders (Rev: 15th ed.)

Publisher: Wiley (2021)
Author: Kring, A. M., & Johnson, S. L.
ISBN: 978111970547
Price: (No information available)

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