PSY 3350: Theories of Personality


Personality psychology is the study of stable individual differences between people and how these differences account for patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior. You will become familiar with several major approaches to theory and research in personality psychology, from historical to modern understandings.


  1. Contrast the different approaches to studying personality.
  2. Describe the foundational importance of the psychodynamic approach to personality.
  3. Explain the phenomenological theory (person-centered) views on personality.
  4. Analyze trait theory’s techniques for determining personality.
  5. Differentiate behaviorism’s methods of studying personality.
  6. Relate the social-cognitive perspective to personality.
  7. Summarize the primary methods used in personality research.




Personality: Theory and research (Rev: 14th ed.)

Publisher: Wiley (2019)
Author: Cervone, D., & Pervin, L. A.
ISBN: 9781119492061
Price: $59.45

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