PSY 3150: Developmental Psychology


Surveys human development across the life span with emphasis on psychosocial, physical, emotional, and cognitive changes.


  1. Describe the factors that influence patterns of development.
  2. Identify healthy patterns of physical development.
  3. Explain cognitive changes that occur from birth through late adulthood.
  4. Summarize social-emotional changes that occur from birth through late adulthood.
  5. Describe key theories of moral development across an individual’s life span.
  6. Discuss how adult behavior influences children’s outcomes.
  7. Explain the impact of life responsibilities on emotional development and relationships.
  8. Describe the impact death and dying has on an individual and his or her family.


  1. PSY 1010
  2. BIO 1030


Life-span development (Rev: 16th ed.)

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (2017)
Author: Santrock, J. W.
ISBN: 9781259550904
Price: $117.00

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