PSY 3140: Social Psychology


Social psychology is the study of how our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are influenced by our social environment. You will become familiar with theories and research in social psychology, including such topics as helping, stereotyping, social influence, and group processes, and learn to apply this knowledge toward understanding yourself and other people as social beings. (Prerequisite: PSY 1010 or equivalent)


  1. Describe the history of social psychology.
  2. Evaluate the underlying principles in the field of social psychology.
  3. Explain how social psychologists study human behavior.
  4. Discuss the application of social psychology to a variety of disciplines.
  5. Analyze the conclusions of empirical research in social psychology.
  6. Explain how social environments influence the understanding of individuals.
  7. Examine how our own biases influence perceptions of various behaviors.




Social psychology

Publisher: SAGE (2019)
Author: Heinzen, T., & Goodfriend, W.
ISBN: 9781506357515
Price: $124.80

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