PMP 6100: Project Management Strategy and Tactics


Introduces the methodologies and technologies that assist project managers in the coordination of projects from inception through completion. Instructs learners to satisfy customer needs, apply budgeting concepts, manage production time, invest resources, and create performance specifications designed with defined requirements. Provides tools to understand, design, and apply systematic project management organization and administration.


  1. Discuss key project management concepts.
  2. Explain the demands of project managers.
  3. Characterize important project management issues.
  4. Outline project activity and risk taking in the project management process.
  5. Analyze productive project scheduling techniques.
  6. Explore efficient resource management procedures.
  7. Evaluate key concepts in budget preparation and management.
  8. Summarize the processes entailed in resource allocation and monitoring.
  9. Explain the project control, auditing, and termination aspects of project management.




Project management: A strategic managerial approach (Rev: 10th ed.)

Publisher: Wiley (2018)
Author: Meredith, J. R., Shafer, S. M., & Mantel, S. J., Jr.
ISBN: 9781119369097
Price: $124.93

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