PMP 5600: Research Methods


Introduces both the theory and practice of using quantitative and qualitative research methodological approaches to solve problems, leverage opportunities, and help achieve organizational goals. Applied research methods are illustrated, including surveys, interviews, focus groups, case studies, observations, and experimentation. Contemporary and actionable statistical procedures as well as data analysis tools are examined. Best practices for presentation of research results also are appraised.


  1. Discuss how research-based decision-making can directly affect organizational practices.
  2. Examine the developmental components of the research process.
  3. Compare and contrast the differences between qualitative and quantitative research methodologies.
  4. Evaluate different types of research methods.
  5. Examine the advantages and disadvantages of collecting primary and secondary data.
  6. Differentiate between various research-based tools commonly used in businesses.
  7. Test data for a business research project.
  8. Synthesize the results of a research-based plan.




Research design: Qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods approaches (Rev: 5th ed.)

Publisher: SAGE (2018)
Author: Creswell, J. W., & Creswell, J. D.
ISBN: 9781506386706
Price: $69.68

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