PMP 5100: Project Management


Provides a comprehensive study of the skills of problem solving and decision making, which are critical to effective project management. Includes program value, project definition, environmental considerations, time sensitivity, risk sensitivity, metrics gathering, cost reduction, impact analysis, risk response controls, and basic elements of contracts. Focuses on practicing effective decision making, including learning how to identify and quantify problems and potential solutions.


  1. Explain the stages and events of the project life cycle.
  2. Develop project management standards to ensure project quality and efficiency.
  3. Analyze the characteristics of effective project teams.
  4. Recommend methods of risk management on project teams.
  5. Analyze project costs as constrained by time, scope, and risk.
  6. Apply best practices of cost estimation related to project management.
  7. Apply critical chain project management to resolve project resource conflicts.
  8. Examine a variety of constraints that can negatively affect project planning.
  9. Classify the main forms of project termination.
  10. Discuss the challenges and components of a final project report.




Project management: Achieving competitive advantage (Rev: 4th ed.)

Publisher: Pearson (2016)
Author: Pinto, J. K.
ISBN: 9780133798074
Price: $203.78

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